The Beowulf Brewing Company proudly offer a range of delicious (bore alert!) award winning bottle conditioned beers.


We have seen with our own eyes that modern folk are happy to swig bottle conditioned beers from the bottle. The yeast, they will assure you, is good for you and also it’s often a pain to find a glass. It’s up to you BUT here’s what we think… holding it up to the light, pour your beer slowly and smoothly into a glass big enough to take it all. When the snaking trail of yeast heads for the spout stop pouring. There’s nothing wrong with this yeast that gives the beers their sparkle and life but it will make them hazy. This is perfectly fine if you don’t mind. Haze is a vital part of wheat beer.


Bottle conditioned beers are ideally served at “Cellar Temperature”. What cosmetic company had adverts that said, “Here’s the science part”? Well – here’s the science part…


Our standard ales, Bitter, IPA and Stout will be best served when stored at 50-55f. Our lighter ones, Wheat Beer and Mild benefit from 45-50f. Rule of thumb being the higher the alcohol the higher the temperature. It’s not the end of the world if they’re too cold but it’s a shame. They may suffer from a protein haze and all bottle conditioned beers, if served too cold (straight from the fridge) will offer you less carbonation, aroma and taste.


Also – these babies need care. You can’t (well you can – you won’t get arrested) swing ‘em about, dump ‘em down, pour them wildly and then expect to get the best from them. A can of globally churned out larger can cope with that. Lovingly crafted, bottle conditioned beer? Not so much!





Dark Raven

Alcohol 4.8% VOL



Finn’s Hall

Alcohol 5.2% VOL



Dragon Smoke

Alcohol 5.3 VOL



Strong Mild

Alcohol 7.5% VOL




Folded Cross

Alcohol 4.6% VOL





Alcohol 5.0% VOL



Chase Buster

Alcohol 5.0% VOL



Gold Work

Alcohol 5.1% VOL




Alcohol 5.5% VOL



Mercian Shine

Alcohol 5.8% VOL



India Pale Ale

Alcohol 7.4% VOL



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